Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Agency in Canada

Recruitment Guide


11 January, 2024

Staffing firms can help you get the support you need in your business. Because there are plenty of moving parts during the hiring process, from background checking to organizing meetings with hiring managers, delegating these tasks to a staffing firm makes plenty of sense. In this quick article, we’ll show you all the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency.

Helps Save Time

A staffing agency can help your company by saving you one of the most precious resources for any business owner: time. Time is money, and both are vital when it comes to your business. By delegating all staffing tasks to an agency, you avoid all the time you would otherwise consume performing background checks, conducting interviews, and working through resumes. 

Trims Costs

While outsourcing certain logistics to a staffing agency costs money, you’ll also save some in the process. Almost every aspect of staffing costs you something, even for simple tasks like writing up and posting ads on job boards. With a staffing agency, all the work is done for you in a neat bundle, saving you time, money, and effort that we know you would much rather spend on more immediate concerns.

Encourages Employee Retention

One of the more subtle benefits of partnering with a staffing agency is that agencies can help boost employee retention. By hiring a staffing agency to manage the process of employee acquisition, you have your pick of talented, motivated people. Staffing agencies don’t just hunt for talent; they seek employees fueled by the desire to contribute meaningfully to your business. Because of this, hiring agencies tend to have lower turnover rates when it comes to employees they find for a business, which can help you save money and effort.

Ensures Qualified Candidates

Working with a staffing agency ensures your candidates are qualified and ready for the job. With an entire team dedicated to the cause of staffing your business, there’s no responsibility overlap on your part, meaning that all hiring needs are done with singleness of purpose. Staffing agencies are experts in their field when it comes to finding talent, so you can rest easy knowing their industry knowledge is top-notch.

Offers Wider Hiring Pools

Another reason you may want to hire a staffing agency is having access to a larger pool of potential employees. An agency that pools all its resources into staffing your business gets more options for potential hires. Instead of dedicating time, money, and energy to posting ads, interviewing candidates, and reading resumes, you can have a hiring agency do all this for you so you can get to the most important part: choosing your new employees.

Looking for Top Talent?

If you’re on the hunt for top talent for your business, witness the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency firsthand with STACK IT Recruitment. We know how to find and recruit all the best talent for your business, so call us at (905) 238-9204 to get started with your staffing needs today.