AI Skills in Demand as Companies Develop 2024 Hiring Plans for Canada

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13 March, 2024

You might have noticed a growing concentration of AI talent within the past year or two. Whether you’re seeking a job or looking to hire competent candidates to fill a role, you might be surprised at how Canadian companies increasingly incorporate related skills into their talent pools. Which skills should you develop or add to your staff’s resources? 

STACK IT Recruitment explores five AI skills that are becoming more in demand as companies develop 2024 hiring plans for Canada. 

Five In-Demand AI Skills To Develop

Systems and tools powered by artificial intelligence have grown in demand as companies develop more productive and efficient methods of conducting day-to-day business. Therefore, you’ll find an increasing number of keywords in job postings related to cultivating, launching, and improving the effectiveness of such advances. Adjust your job-seeking or hiring plans accordingly with the skills listed below. 

1. Programming Language Mastery

At the heart of almost any computer or software system is some type of programming language. Machine intelligence is no different. Brush up on the following programming languages:

  • R
  • Python
  • Julia

They are the foundation for many applications, from simple AI chatbots to complex computing systems. 

2. Predictive Data Modeling

Data fuels numerous industries, including digital marketing, manufacturing, and insurance. It helps Canadian companies predict and analyze customer trends, which allows them to strategize more effectively. Therefore, it’s one of the top AI skills in demand as companies develop 2024 hiring plans in Canada. 

Dipping your toes into this skill set could open numerous doors to you. Choosing candidates with predictive modelling experience may also secure a business’s success. 

3. Machine Learning Engineering

One of the top AI skills in demand for hiring Canadian companies is machine learning engineering. It encompasses multiple skills you can implement throughout numerous related areas. Machine-learning-capable programs assist with content creation processes, such as crafting images and copy that businesses can use for guides, marketing materials, and other documents. 

However, people are responsible for programming the software to perform various tasks. Therefore, Canadian job seekers with previous programming and software development experience would significantly benefit from mastering the art of machine learning engineering.  

4. Image and Copy Prompting

Another more rudimentary yet essential skill is prompt engineering. Artificial intelligence programs output copy, images, and other content based on specific prompts. Prompt engineers feed descriptions and specifications to the application. A highly skilled, prompt engineer can efficiently harvest accurate, descriptive content from a well-designed AI software solution. 

5. Deep Learning

Many Canadian businesses need machine learning programs tailored to their industries. For example, an estate planning service would use programs for finances, insurance policies, and legal documents. A programmer with deep learning skills could curate AI applications to assist with such specific tasks, especially those that must adhere to regulations or privacy policies. 

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